05 Jul

It is possible to communicate with all animals (wild and ‘domestic’) on a deep level, with benefits for our and their well-being, because true communication goes beyond words.

The word telepathy comes from the Greek (tele ‘distant’ and pathos ‘feeling’), so it could be said to be communication of feelings.

It is the oldest means of communication in existence, used by the animal kingdom, some indigenous peoples and children.

Telepathic communication is conscious communication. We all have this ability innately, but we have forgotten how to do it because we do not practise it.

It is like with foreign languages: we may learn them as children and for some reason stop using them: the consequence is that the information remains recorded in the unconscious, but on a conscious level we do not remember it until we start practising and suddenly everything flows easily.

Human beings’ curiosity towards communication with animals goes back a long way. The oldest trace of a person being able to talk to them is around the first millennium B.C. with the legend of King Solomon, a Jewish monarch, who succeeded through his magic ring. This story has come down to us in writing through the annals translated by 19th century European Orientalists, such as the German De Goeje. Even Konrad Lorenz, in his book King Solomon’s Ring says:’ The story goes that King Solomon could talk to animals, birds, fish and earthworms’.

We also mention St Francis of Assisi,, considered the patron saint of animals because of his ability to connect with them. In the stories of the ‘Fioretti of St. Francis’ we find some chapters in which he recognises his ability to communicate with wild animals.

As human beings, we usually see the physical body of the animal, but we forget his/her emotions or feelings. The very etymology of the word ‘animal’ is derived from ‘soul’ ‘life-giving, animate’. The meaning of the Latin word ‘animal’ is akin to the Greek anemos (wind, breath) and the Sanskrit ātman with the same meaning.  Furthermore, ‘animus’ translates as ‘being endowed with breath or vital breath’, also called soul. Therefore the animal is the being endowed with soul.

Telepathy is an important part of the animal kingdom, basic to the survival instinct. They intuit what is going to happen even before it happens.

However, animals defined as domestic live in a world that is not their environment and much of what happens is beyond their comprehension. Through telepathic communication we learn to pick up on the emotions they are experiencing and to sense how they are feeling by identifying the cause of their behaviour.

But if telepathic communication is something we have in us innately, why have we lost this ability? The cause is to be found in the moment when human beings began to move away from nature and lose this symbiosis necessary to understand, respect and survive.

In ancient times, tribes went through the process of initiation, leaving the child alone without the help of the community. This survival required the use of all the senses, including telepathy so as to be able to communicate in an environment that could be hostile. Today, however, we are more connected to social networks, we listen less and the mind dominates over the heart.

Moreover, since the 16th century we have created a pattern of anthropocentrism, placing the human being at the centre and starting to use everything as if it were an object. Animals, plants and the earth itself have turned into inanimate beings at the disposal of the human being. “By ‘cosifying’ this, we have automatically lost intuitive communication. It is difficult to hurt if we feel empathy and consider another being our equal; by moving away from this sensitivity we open the way to domination, crushing the will of others.

There are three kingdoms on our planet earth: mineral, plant and animal. The animal kingdom includes the human being, but we find it difficult to recognise that we belong to it. It is only our ego that makes us believe that there is a higher human kingdom. The basis for reconnecting to intuitive communication with another being is equality, it is feeling that the other living being is like you.

No one is superior to anyone, we are all part of the same world and we all need others to survive. Animals, plants, human beings we are all ONE. Chemically included we are made of the same matter, atoms, chemistry and divine spark. It is only in total symbiosis that we set the foundation for a path to a balanced ecosystem. Awakening our feeling, and thus the ability to communicate telepathically with other species, allows us to take a first step towards listening heart-to-heart, empathy and respect for another living being. It is opening ourselves to the path that leads to the high vibration of unity.