20 Oct

Dear reader, from this article onwards I will call you by your first name. I intentionally want to step outside the form. I will call you by your name because when we speak from heart to heart, the formalism vanishes. I will call you by your first name because non-human animals themselves call each directly with all the essence of being pure and open-hearted, qualities we humans often lack.

The first articles I have shared with you are brief introductions to the vast subject of telepathic communication with animals and the relationship between humans and animals.

I therefore invite you to continue reading if you feel comfortable in this. I invite you to continue reading if you feel that the energetic push comes from the centre of your heart.

The reflection I would like to share with you today is this:

What will happen to my beloved animal if I pass away first ?

As a rule, animals that are defined as pets or that accompany us have a shorter life expectancy than humans. This is certainly a good thing in principle because, although it is emotionally very hard to let go of our furry friend, it is just as crucial for him/her to have us by his/her side. As the person in charge of that being, you assume responsibility for his or her wellbeing, his or her nutrition, his or her emotional sphere, his or her needs.

So what happens if you are the one who leaves the body before him/her? Who will take care of your animal?

In general, it is highly recommended to put a note in your wallet or bag notifying: ‘I have a pet, in case something happens to me contact….’.

In this way we immediately give the information that there is a being depending on us and allow those who come into contact with this information to take action according to our instructions.

Fundamental, regardless of your age, is to clarify your ideas and choose a person who will be able to take care of him or her: this can be a relative, a friend, or you can refer to some animal association so that they can take charge of a possible adoption. If possible, set aside some money so that you can contribute to his or her upkeep if the situation requires it. So once you have agreed with those you trust can intervene if necessary, leave a trace: you can write a will or record a small video so that it is clear and transparent what your intentions are.

These small steps will make you feel more relaxed, and you will have ensured a peaceful life for your great friend even if you physically can no longer be at his/her side. It is a great little action that guarantees him/her care and a dignified life. In this way our animal will not be alone, without references, on the street or, if it is a dog, in the best of cases behind the bars of the prisons of the innocent called kennels.

Love you give, Love you receive. kloe