23 Aug

“We are what we constantly do” wrote Aristotle. So if we want to change (…), it is from the daily routine of our actions that we must start. For everything begins simply, one day like any other, when the soul is ready.” (Cited Valentina C. – L’importanza dei piccoli passi)

As human beings, language is a fundamental part of our lives, but in general when we express ourselves, we are hardly able to stand in the awareness that every word has an energetic resonance that reaches ourselves and those around us.

The first step therefore is awareness, giving the right importance to the words we use when we interact with ourselves and others.

In order to make communication with your animal flow, it is important to express ourselves (both verbally and telepathically) in a coherent way, feeling well the emotions we want to express through that word. For this again the necessary basis is our state of presence that allows us to clear the clouds and connects us to the essence of what we want to express.

This basis gives us an indication of the second step, which is coherence. Animals are by nature coherent and aligned, and the more we humans return to this condition, the more any kind of communication flows transparently.

The third step is equality: any kind of effective communication has as its basis the feeling that we are on the same level, otherwise the flow gets blocked.

Often even among us humans we relate to each other feeling superior or inferior, and with our animals this happens even more: we do not listen to their needs and tend to impose ourselves, thus closing the channel of reception.

My invitation to start laying the foundations for true, fluid, clean communication is therefore to start with ourselves. Let us cleanse ourselves and introduce into our daily lives practices that can bring us back to a total connection with our soul plan. There are no shortcuts, every day with love and discipline, let us help ourselves to find our essence, submerged by billions of external stimuli, fears, judgements, restrictions, beliefsLet’s not be in the ‘doing’, let’s be in the ‘being’.

First practice: cultivate the state of presence

The main alley of the state of presence is our breath. The breath is always there as long as we are in our physical vehicle but most of the time we do not bring our attention to it. Each day, therefore, I invite you to dedicate time to your breathing. Start with 5 minutes, increasing the time as you integrate this practice into your daily routine day by day.

1) Eliminate any external interruptions (mobile phones, computers, TV)

2) Find a space of your own, sit or lie down, finding the position that is most comfortable for you

3) Slowly close your eyes and get in touch with your breath without changing it, just listen to it. It may help to put one hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexus (on your abdomen, just below your diaphragm).

4) At this point, take the lead in your breathing: inhale and exhale with awareness, aware that you are conducting your lifeblood with each inhaling and exhaling movement.

5) Your mind will certainly be very active: unsolicited thoughts will come. No matter, take note of them and blow them away with your conscious breathing, without judging them, as if they were clouds in the sky.

6) Gradually, as I flow with conscious breathing, the body will enter a state of relaxation and I will feel the state of presence vibrate.

7) When I feel that each of my cells is in the state of presence, I have prepared the field to start opening myself to heart-to-heart communication with my animal.

When we are in a state of relaxation, the brain waves progressively tune from Beta Waves to a lower, slower frequency: Alpha, Theta and Delta. But what exactly are these waves?

Beta Waves (12 to 33 Hz)

Beta waves (12 to 33 Hz) are a higher frequency range, the result of intense neuronal activity related to daily activities, i.e. when there is a need to be alert to multiple stimuli. Excessive neuronal overactivation can lead to a state of anxiety and stress.

Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz)

Alpha waves appear in twilight, i.e. in the intermediate space where there is calm but we are not yet in a state of sleep. It is a state of relaxation, favourable for meditation.

Theta waves (3.5 to 8 Hz)

These waves are related to our imaginative abilities, to reflection and to sleep. They are very active when we experience deep emotions.

Delta waves (1 to 3 Hz)

They are active when we are in deep sleep (but without dreams). This state supports the immune system and helps us to rest deeply

One of the purposes of breathing – which anchors us to the here and now and the state of presence – is precisely to bring our neuronal activity to the frequency of Alpha waves: here the mind is quiet, it does not interfere and just like a well-tuned radio we are ready to open up to telepathic communication, heart to heart, which allows us to begin the interchange of information, in this case between us and our animal friend.

I therefore invite you to integrate this first basic practice into your daily routine. Initially with patience and discipline it will be necessary to create dedicated time for yourself, without interruptions and external interference. With practice, the aim is to bring this state of presence into everything I do throughout the day (e.g. while waiting for the bus, waiting to check in, at the supermarket, washing the dishes, interacting with someone and so on).  This is the basis, and it is essential to prepare the field and to be able to start opening up to non-verbal communication with our animal friend.

I wish you a good start!