About myself

Da Cuore a Cuore

Amore che dai, Amore che torna

My Path

I have always been connected to the animal world, and thanks to my meeting with Olga Porqueras (Tama's essences), what was innate in me took shape and direction.

She guided me to consciously open the door to a heart-to-heart communication, based on humility, respect, empathy, non-judgment, commitment, perseverance and state of presence.

In each connection with our animal brother, I open myself to whatever this being needs now, in this moment of his/her life.

Kloe Margherita Lella

My Intention

be a vessel of Harmony for humans and animals

I offer my experience and knowledge for the well-being of your animal friend, from my heart, with humility and respect. I behave honoring the desire of interchange and harmony, without judgement, translating his/her truth.

My background

Education and life experiences

I was called Margherita and I was born in February, in 1974. The name I chose for myself is Kloe (from a variant of the name of Greek origin Chlóe, which means “nascent seedling, tender green grass, sprout”).

The first part of my life I followed a traditional path, and after graduating in languages I worked for many years for various multinational companies in the field of human resources and customer service, in Italy and abroad. In my spare time, I used to go to shelters, catteries, animal sanctuaries and followed everything related to the animal world. I liked what I was doing, but at the same time I felt incomplete, I wondered: “Is that all?”

I walked without a clear vision, trying to give form and light to what was blooming inside me. It was on the way, amidst shadows and lightening, that I learned to be open to trust and to rely on myself.

So, the first guides arrived, taking both a human and an animal shape. The first reference was Olga Porqueras, therapist and animal communicator (https://www.para-animales.com/inicio): she showed me the way to give shape and awareness to my path of awakening in telepathic communication, based on feeling the vibrations of the other living being, on being open to receiving and transmitting sensations, feelings and images and then translating them into words so as to facilitate the relationship between the animal itself and its responsible person. And practice after practice, a few years ago the time came to open myself up to service and to make this my main activity.

The click of clear awakening was triggered thanks to a little dog, Neven, who had a bad heart condition and had been with me for two years. He helped me to deeply feel the vibration of communication from heart to heart, of transmitting and receiving emotions and images without relying on the reductive and circumscribed field of human words. He has helped me to feel first-hand the magic of awareness. From there, all doubts and resistance have become not obstacles but allies for my personal growth, and consequently for the service I provide to the world.

Today I am the result of my studies, my readings, my practices, my experiences, my mistakes, the people and animals I have met and the teachings I have integrated.

I am what I do every day, I live in a state of presence, following as a basis the ethical principles of equality, humility, confidentiality, respect and non-judgment feeling the mission to be a bridge, in the here and now not to help (to not interfere) but to be able to serve and be useful.

Seminars by Olga Porqueras (Tama’s essence) (https://www.para-animales.com/inicio):

  • Animal communication and consciousness
  • Animal communication and shamanic healing
  • The spirit of shamanism
  • Disease and death of the animal
  • Bach flowers and other flower essences for animals and humans

Citta della luce Holistic Academy

  • Family constellations
  • Reiki (I and II level)
  • Genosociogram
  • Enneagram
  • Illness and healing
  • Bach Flowers
  • Hero’s journey (part one)
  • Journey of the goddess

Training in Sound Therapy (with Rafa Monsonís and Román García)

Seminars by El Nahual (holistic veterinary medicine) (https://www.elnahual.es/):

  • Chromotherapy
  • Traditional Chinese medicine for animals

Master in animal communication (Amanaturis, https://amanaturis.com/)

Master Reiki issued by the Spanish Reiki Federation