18 Nov

What helps in communicating with your animal?

Dear reader, today I want to invite you to reflect on the importance of introducing healthy habits into your daily routine.


Emotions are one of the fundamental elements in animal communication, and the basis of the balance of your emotions lies in your physical well-being.

Emotions run through your heart, which corresponds to the fire element in Chinese medicine. Fire needs to be regulated by the water element, i.e. your kidneys, and this is where the Ying essence of daily energy resides. Consequently, if you are not rested and well nourished, your kidneys weaken, water does not control fire and your emotions overpower you, you cannot be centred and communication also suffers.

To enter into this type of communication requires your full attention and active listening.


Breathing not only anchors you in the present moment, but also helps your brain to oxygenate, which promotes the interchange of information.


Equally important is hydration: your brain needs a high percentage of water. The same information travels through water. It is thanks to the brain that we then translate the information that arrives telepathically: remember to drink, the waves will travel more easily.

Understanding and kindness

Also, how do you talk to yourself?

Pay close attention to the words you use. In particular, ask yourself: ‘How do I address myself? Do I disrespect myself? Am I very demanding? Do I belittle myself?”

If you use harsh, critical words towards yourself, you will make your brain believe what your words express. Consequently if I say to myself: ‘I don’t know how to communicate’ ‘I can’t’ this is exactly what will happen. Beware: don’t be the one to erect barriers and blocks on your path.

Enter conscious communication as a new daily habit, then associate it with a pleasant, non-frustrating process. Be understanding and patient towards yourself, speak to yourself with kindness.

Cleanse your heart in order to be able to understand the other living being, without imposing your will: your intention is to understand the animal and thus be able to help it. Do not fall into the trap of: “I will make a mistake” – “Am I doing it right?” otherwise you will lose the focus on communication and fall into ruthless self-judgement.

Look after your body, move it, nourish it with love.

Talk to yourself with kindness and respect.

It will help you cleanse your mind and open your heart.

Love you give, love you receive.