And the moment it all ends, nothing ends

Conscious accompaniment to animals in their last moments

What is a Doula of the Animal Soul?

Illness and the loss of our animal friend cause us deep pain and a sense of emptiness.

A Doula of the Animal Soul is a holistic therapist trained to accompany animals and their caregivers in their last moments, when you feel alone, don’t know what to do and often don’t understand what the animal is trying to express.

The Doula is both personally and professionally trained to carry out this work with the greatest possible awareness and empathy for both the animal and its family, thus accompanying them in their illness, in their last moments and in transit.

Through communication and specific therapies for each case, we will accompany the soul in the transition by creating the sacred space it needs and meeting the animal’s last wishes.

To find out more about animal communication, visit the dedicated page:

Animal communication

How does it work?

Accompaniment can take place both face-to-face and remotely.

Request an appointment via the contact form and we will define the terms of the consultancy.


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