Words are clothes and when you change country you no longer need them. That is why animals exchange their sensitivity, their energy, and all that in them translates the universal.


How are you?
How can I help you?
Why are you acting like this?
What do you need?

These and other questions are running through your head – let’s ask him/her directly.

What is animal communication?

Reconnecting to the essence and to the state of presence allows us to return to a forgotten, submerged level of ourselves: heart-to-heart communication

Anyone who has had the good fortune to have an animal friend, has often had the feeling of having understood and ‘felt’ him/her deeply, so much so as to say: “He/she just misses the word!”

This absence of verbal communication leads us instead towards a deep, heart-to-heart, authentic, transparent and pure connection.

My mission is to act as an ‘interpreter’ between you and the animal you are responsible for. As we enter the sacred space of communication, we open ourselves up to receive and transmit feelings, emotions and images so that the relationship can flow, clarifying needs and making coexistence harmonious in respect of everyone involved.

Ethical principles

  • Any communication or therapy will only be carried out if the ultimate aim is the animal’s welfare and if requested in writing by the animal’s responsible person.
  • Communication will not be used to change the animal’s personality or to impose on his/her will.
  • Will be respected the animal’s right to not want to answer the questions asked.
  • Each communication is confidential
  • Communication does not replace the veterinary consultation.

How does it all work?

Communication can take place either in person or remotely.

Request an appointment via the contact form and we will define the terms of the consultation.

I will then be happy to be your interpreter between you and your animal, in accordance with my ethical principles.


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